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Order, Counter-order, Disorder

Every so often, interesting aspects of leadership come through in books or films. I’m thinking, for example, of Apollo 13, or earlier films like 12 Angry Men, or Twelve ‘O Clock High. These three (and others) are often used on leadership training courses.

Thanks now, to Tom Hanks and his latest film Greyhound, I can wax lyrical, not just about the film, but also about the book on...

Just a Moment

Odd Words, Even Numbers devotes quite a few pages to the words of time.

Spare a moment also for the word moment, the dictionary definition of which is “a very short period of time”. As with so-called “Empty Numbers” discussed in Chapter 15, moment does not carry with it any indication of a specific interval of time. Indeed, the Oxford English Dictionary defines it as a portion of time...


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