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Fire safety regulations underwent radical changes for over 30 years and company owners, employers, landlords and builders all face a seismic shift in liabilities and potential penalties.

Fire Risk


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Climate change poses a serious threat to the continuity and prosperity of organizations: serious disruption in business activities and a permanent cut in output.

A major new reference work, in an easy-to-use A-Z format, covering all aspects of facilities and property management, strategy, administration and control, backed up by a wealth of practical suggestions. Covers all the latest legislation on waste, energy consumption and environmental issues and offers valuable insights into the management of property assets.

The A-Z of Facilities and Property Management


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A major new reference work in A-Z format covering the scientific, economic and legal issues facing all types of organisation

This empowering work by Eddie Davies for Project Managers’ conveys a ‘checklist’ approach to indicate the essential qualities and attributes needed in order to achieve project managerial success.

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