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This dictionary is the first of its kind: a treasury of colour words and phrases, a comprehensive resource for exploring every aspect of colour and its many applications across the disciplines and through the ages. Colour is much more than decoration; it provides us with a means of distinction, warning, attraction, stimulation, diagnosis, symbolism. In short, it is a powerful short-hand for conveying ideas and information.

This book is a revelation – it fills in the huge gaps that Frank left in the narrative of his quite extraordinary life and reveals a far more complex and far more accomplished man than anyone ever suspected.

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A miscellany of the best [or worst!] examples of consumption, corruption, vanity, waste and just mind-boggling stupidity drawn from Money Week's Bottom Line.

p(quote). 'A fascinating insider's account of an extraordinary period.'

p(cite). David Hockman, Chairman and CEO, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, USA

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A first in the examination of the interrelationship between words and numbers, through mathematical games and diversions, word and mathematical puzzles, and popular mathematical concepts

Odd Words, Even Numbers


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This book is for everyone who finds staves incomprehensible and scales depressing but just wants to play: an easy-to-learn but effective method that will have you playing whatever you want - pop, classical, rag or jazz - now!

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The inside story of one of Britain’s best loved, best known actors, which reveals in his own words, for the first time, exactly what makes him tick.

Robert Lindsay Letting Go


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Essential guidance and advice for students on the skills required to succeed within higher education and most importantly, the world of work.

The Sixth Form MBA


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In this searingly honest autobiography, Jim Dunn takes us on a rollicking ride from poor boy growing up gay in a small town on the west coast of Scotland to the five-star lifestyle of a PR guru in the fledgling travel industry of the early seventies in London.

Very Private and Public Relations


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