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Our collection of sales and marketing training formats covers the key tools, strategies and techniques to give you the skills and confidence to help you achieve successful marketing account management, sales growth and improve your, and your organisation's performance.

Sales and marketing are two key functions that impact both the creation of new business and overall business revenue and success. Focusing on the latest best practice and building your key skills will enable you to target and retain more valuable customers and reduce the duration of the sales cycle.

Digital Marketing for Business Growth


Also available as: Paperback


This book covers the key areas of digital marketing that need to be addressed so that plans to achieve sales growth can be implemented successfully

Gurus on Marketing


Also available as: Paperback


A one-stop guide to the world's most influential writers on marketing, their key concepts, theories and frameworks. Includes Drucker, Levitt on marketing myopia, Kotler on marketing management, Porter on competitive strategy, Day, Nagle, Ansoff, Seth and Peters.

The ideal book for anyone seeking an introduction to marketing that is both comprehensive and accessible: all the key concepts, skills and techniques backed up by a wealth of examples and real-life case studies which make the concepts instantly meaningful.

Out of the Box Marketing


Also available as: eBook

£9.99 / €11.99 / $17.95

This treasure trove of a book is crammed full of time-tested strategies and techniques to help you to get more customers, get more out of your customers and to keep them coming back for more.

Provides entrepreneurs with a practical guide on how to set and manage the pricing of both products and services. It outlines the process of deriving a pricing strategy first, then monitoring the profit implications of the pricing decisions made. In a climate of market instability, the skilful use of pricing strategies has never been more important.

A set of simple, practical, proven, award-winning techniques for managing your sales force effectively and profitably.

Sales Strategy for Business Growth


Also available as: Paperback


If you are an owner, a director or you manage a sales team, this book will help you learn more about how to manage the sales operation of your business. It will make it easier to get first-class out of your sales people which will increase your company’s sales and profitability!

Successful Selling Solutions


Also available as: Paperback

£22.99 / €27.99

This book goes beyond mere sales techniques: using self-assessment models, it shows you how to monitor your progress in an actual sales project against where you need to be and includes templates, tables and exercises.

A compehensive guide by an expert salesman to using the telephone in business, including the most effective techniques for customer service, selling, prospecting and credit control.

A practical source of reference on every aspect of the business written by a successful PR professional, clearly laid out and packed with valuable checklists, tips and techniques, warning signs and helpful summaries.

Comprehensive and practical, this guide covers all aspects of the sales manager's role. With innovative ideas and written in a clear, practical style, it covers leadership, business planning, recruitment, sales models and tools, motivation, selling through dealers and channels.

“Julian Clay knows what has made him successful and is able to transfer these skills to others.”
Andrew Mills, Sales Dector, Portals

A comprehensive guide to the techniques of developing new business, by a professional with extensive experience of both Europe and the USA.