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The Wrong Way for a Pizza


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The latest installment of ‘A Wrong Way for a Pizza’ follows the author, Brian Mooney’s journey from Rome to Essex.

After Brian was winding down after walking 1,300 miles from Coggeshall to Rome when a friend made a teasing comment: “In the old days pilgrims didn’t have the luxury of flying back. They walked home!” Two years later, Brian rose to the challenge. He packed his rucksack, laced up his walking-boots and set off to make the journey in reverse. The Wrong Way for a Pizza is the account of his ten-week walk from the banks of the Tiber to the banks of the Blackwater – a mirror-image of A Long Way for a Pizza, the book he wrote after he walked to Rome in 2010.

The author keeps bumping into the ghosts of his outward journey which provides a facinating recount of his adventures. However, in reflecting upon his long and arduous journey back to his hometown, Basildon, he cannot help reflecting that it is not quite the Eternal City to which he has now walked there and back….

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