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How Much?!

A miscellany of the best [or worst!] examples of consumption, corruption, vanity, waste and just mind-boggling stupidity drawn from Money Week's Bottom Line.



Who should buy this book?

Gift-book and miscellany market, everyone working in the world of finance, everyone interested in their own and other people’s money [who isn’t?!]

Would you believe

  • £1,750 – the price of a coat lined with the fur of 1,000 hamsters
  • The man who insured his chest-hair through Lloyds for £1m
  • £5 to spend a penny – Europe’s most expensive public lavatory
  • £211,686 – the amount paid in indirect taxes by the average British household in a lifetime
  • £360 – the price of a pair of Hermès secateurs
  • £670m EU cash wasted on fraudulent farming grants
  • Gordon Ramsey’s £100 pizza
  • £1,600 paid to Neil Armstrong’s barber for clippings from the astronaut’s hair
  • £75 paid by a church for planning permission to erect a cross, after the Council decided it was advertising
  • $8,700 – the cost of ‘one-top wife packages’ being offered to Malaysian bachelors
  • There are over 1,100 more of these to make you aghast, infuriated or just amused, all of them fascinating examples of how everyone – the famous, infamous and simply unheard-of, view and spend money, their own and other people’s.


  • A word from the Editor of Money Week
  • Introduction – our relationship with money
  • Celebrities and their money
  • Government waste and profligacy
  • Hi Ho … it’s off to work we go
  • I fought the law
  • Literary lottery
  • Doh!
  • Odd one out
  • See you in court!
  • The price of exclusivity
  • The way we live
  • Under the hammer
  • You’ve got to be in it to win it
  • It’s for charity
  • Cashing in
  • For the ladies
  • Bricks and mortar
  • At the Box Office

The author

Andrew Holmes is a writer, management consultant and Managing Partner of Paricint LLP. He has consulted with many household names in the UK and overseas and has written 13 books including The Chameleon Consultant, Commoditization and the Strategic Response and the best-selling humour titles Pains on Trains, Pains in the Office and Pains in Public.

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