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The Manager's Guide to Competitive Marketing Strategies

This best-selling book includes sections on corporate culture, business intelligence, CRM and leadership, as well as many case studies reflecting current issues including: assessing corporate culture and turning it into competitive advantage, manoeuvring around competitors when trapped in a weak position, energizing a product line and reviving a business after a period of no-growth.


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Key features:

  • Over 60 real life case studies reflecting topical issues of concern in today’s climate.
  • A new 4-step technique to segment markets with greater precision.
  • Techniques for installing a competitive intelligence system and applying market research techniques effectively.
  • Comprehensive chapter by chapter examination of market strategies, product/service strategies, pricing strategies and distribution strategies.
  • Step by step guidelines on how to write a Strategic Marketing Plan with a detailed example.


Case studies include:

  • Positioning a product to gain ground against market leaders
  • Reviving a business for a new burst of growth after a period of no-growth
  • Energising a product line plagued by missed opportunities
  • Manoeuvering around competitors when trapped in a weak position
  • Assessing corporate culture and turning it into competitive advantage

New sections on:

  • Business intelligence
  • CRM
  • Leadership
  • Corporate culture


‘The ultimate weapon in helping a company increase market share.’

Atlanta Journal

The author

Norton Paley has had over twenty years of experience in general and marketing management and product development in major US corporations and has lectured extensively to managers and engineers in companies throughout the world, including American Express, Hoechst-Celenese, IBM, Chrysler and Ciba Geigy. He is the author of four successful books on marketing and a featured columnist in The Management Review and Sales and Marketing Management.

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Hardback ISBN-10: 1 85418 370 2
ISBN-13: 978 185418370 5
Pages: 464
GBP 29.99
EUR 35.99
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