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High Performance Consulting Skills

This key text provides a practical understanding of the skills required to become a high-performance internal consultant, whatever your own area of expertise.


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The concept of the ‘internal consultant’ is now gaining considerable ground as managers in support functions seek to redefine their role and effectiveness. The emphasis that it places on moving from a ‘colleague’ to a ‘client’ perspective within the business can bring major benefits to both adviser and organisation.

This book provides…

… a practical understanding of the skills required to become a high-performance internal consultant, whatever your own area of expertise.
It will help you:
** Develop stronger, more productive working relationships with internal clients
** Secure greater internal client commitment to initiatives and change projects
** Work effectively in a less formal and hierarchical way on projects and initiatives
** Market your services and build powerful internal networks
** Enhance your own worth and value to the organisation

Who should read this book?

All managers working in support functions, such as HR, audit, training, personnel and IT, as well as areas such as finance and marketing.


‘A highly practical and valuable guide to the world of internal consulting by a global practioner. Mark Thomas has produced a book that is filled with excellent advice, tips and real experience. It should serve as a real aid to all who want to succeed in the rapidly growing role of the internal consultant.’

Bie De Graeve, Director, Tias Business School, University of Tilburg, Holland

‘If you want a book that you can use on an almost daily basis then this is it. Whether you work in information technology, finance, HR or indeed any corporate advisory role, the skills outlined in this book can increase your influence and impact from the first reading. Written in the pragmatic style and approach that is characteristic of his consulting work Thomas has produced a real guide to the new frontier of internal consulting.’

Gordon Downey, Senior Manager – HR Internal Consultancy, Lloyds TSB

‘Thomas has made an excellent and practical contribution to shaping one of the key roles of the future organisation – the internal consultant. It could even be argued that Thomas is describing the future role of all managers. It is no longer about exercising hierarchy but rather influence and impact through others. He sets out a clear and practical roadmap – a job well done that will help many to make the exciting transition.’

Alf Chattel, futurist and author of Creating Value in the Digital Era and Managing for the Future

‘Mark Thomas is a consultant from whom we can all learn about managing change initiatives, projects and clients. In this book he sets out an agenda that will appeal to all types of professionals. Read it and benefit from real ideas, skills and know-how. For HR people these are the skills of today and the future.’

Esra Bozkurt, HR Director, DHL

‘A highly recommended addition to defining and developing the internal consultant’s role. Mark Thomas offers a clear operating mandate for the change agents of today’s organisation. This book will appeal to all kinds of internal specialists as it is packed with practical ideas and approaches.’

Pieter Allers, Director, Linkage International

‘… there are many highly expensive external consultants who should read and learn from this excellent guide.’

Peter Long, HR Director, S1

The author

Mark Thomas is a successful international business consultant who has worked with some of the world’s major businesses in the fields of strategy, change management, human resources and individual executive development. He is a highly experienced speaker and business presenter who has worked in over 40 different countries around the world. As a consultant he has successfully sold major consulting projects and development initiatives. In addition to his consulting work Mark has authored several books on his key specialist people skills areas.

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