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The Project Manager's Desktop Guide

This empowering work by Eddie Davies for Project Managers’ conveys a ‘checklist’ approach to indicate the essential qualities and attributes needed in order to achieve project managerial success.


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“Project governance is key to project success.”

Project management is a well-established doctrine (Time, Quality, Budget) supported by many tools and techniques. The art is to know when and how to use the tools at your disposal – both systems and personnel.

A rich collaboration of charts, diagrams, definitions, professional examples, workplace scenarios and specifically designed exercises – to complete throughout, this book offers a clear and informative yet hands-on approach to understanding the fundamentals of Project Management.

Project management:
“The efficient, effective and economic use of resources to achieve results with and through the efforts of other people.”

Extensive in point of reference and depth of knowledge, this work provides structured answers and expert guidance on a vast range of frequently asked – and less frequently asked – questions.

Ultimately, it enables its readers to create savings in time and avoid those costly mistakes through its ‘easy to use’ reference system.


1. An introduction to Project Management

  • What’s involved in managing a project?
  • How to differentiate between project and programme management, and ongoing work
  • Differences between programmes and projects
  • What do you need to know to be an effective project manager?

    2. Characteristics of Effective Projects

    • What are the main benefits of using project management?
    • Characteristics of effective projects

        3. Introducing Project Methodologies

        • The “laws” of project management
        • What is PRINCE?
        • Four stages of the successful project – an overview

        4. Recognize the Need

        • Why do we need projects?
        • Two types of problems
        • Initiating the project process
        • What can you do next?

        5. Starting the Project

        • Project definition: what are you setting out to achieve?
        • How is a project initiated?
        • What is project governance level?
        • Preliminary activities, including getting started and initiating a project
        • What is a “big project”?
        • What is a Project Brief?
        • Critical success factors
        • The Business Case
        • The project team

        6. Appoint Your Core Project Team

        • How to set up a project management team
        • Project organization structure summary
        • The project board
        • Project sponsorship
        • Agreeing tolerances
        • Key tips about project organization

        7. Qualities and Attributes of a Project Manager

        • The project manager
        • Project team leadership
        • Styles of leadership
        • Different styles of leadership – key point summary
        • Choosing a project leadership style
        • What’s involved in effective project leadership?

        8. Planning Your Project

        • What is a Project Plan?
        • So how do I produce a Project Plan?
        • Develop a work breakdown structure
        • Assign responsibility
        • Gantt charts (bar charts)
        • Network analysis – why bother?
        • How do I construct a Network Analysis diagram?
        • Identifying and communicating responsibility

        9. Stakeholder Management

        • Analyze your environment
        • Stakeholder engagement

        10. Managing Risks

        • What is risk management
        • The risk management model
        • Risk identification
        • Main categories of risk
        • Risk assessment
        • Measuring the size of risk
        • Risk planning
        • The Risk Register
        • Risk control

        11. Pulling it all together

        • What is a Project Initiation Document (PID)?

        12. Monitor and Control the Project in Order to Deliver the Results

        • Managing the project through the delivery stages
        • Project reports
        • Project meetings
        • Managing changes, issues and risks

        13. Managing Project Budgets

        • What is budget management?
        • Draw up a costing matrix
        • Explore the variance
        • Getting your project budget back on track

        14. Effective Project Team Working

        • What is a project team?
        • What type of team structure – matrix or single-focus project teams?
        • Stages of project team development
        • Moving the project team forward
        • Ten ingredients for successful project teamwork

        15. Closing the Project

        • How is a project closed?
        • Project Closure Report
        • Lessons Learned Report
        • Project management – self-assessment review
        • Post implementation review
        • Recommendations for future action


        • Project Assessment Form
        • Example: Project Brief
        • Example: Project Initiation Document – PID
        • Project Status Report – a sample pro-forma
        • Change Request Form
        • Seven Steps for Setting up Effective Project Meetings
        • Seven Steps for Managing Effective Project Meetings
        • Example: Project Closure Report
        • Example: Lessons Learned Report


        Eddie Davies

        Eddie Davies is a human resource development specialist as well as an experienced project manager, management consultant, trainer and coach. He gained hands-on experience as a project manager working as the Regional Marketing Officer for London’s 120 Jobcentres. Eddie is a registered PRINCE2 practitioner and both his CIPD studies and MA in Management extensively cover this subject area. He has over twenty years experience of teaching project management, team work and leadership skills at a variety of levels on customised in-house training programmes for public and non-profit sectors.

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