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Timpson's Norfolk Notebook

A wonderful collection of broadcaster John Timpson's writings about Norfolk, its ancient and subtle landscape, legends and traditions.


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A wonderful collection of broadcaster John Timpson’s writings about Norfolk, its ancient and subtle landscape, legends and traditions.


CHAPTER ONE – The Norfolk landscape: Mermaids, angels and a flamingo
  • Beyond the Great Ouse
  • And beyond the Waveney
  • Trying to follow the Icknield Way
  • Famous forays into the fens
  • The blank space on the map
  • Why twitchers love Titchwell
  • The contrast in the crops
  • West Dereham’s coprolite
  • Medieval church treasures
  • Methodist chapels in new guises
  • Delving into dovecotes
CHAPTER TWO – Remarkable Norfolk people: Prizefighters, bodysnatchers and inventors…
  • The Baronet and the bodysnatchers
  • Genius, manic depressive, or just a wimp?
  • The man behind the name on Erpingham Church
  • Anna’s mum had best-sellers too
  • World champion – in the 44th round!
  • The MP who invented the horsebox
  • He prosecuted Raleigh and the gunpower plotters
  • Honoured in America, Canada – and now at home
  • The original nosey parker
  • Not only the Lincolns and Thomas Paine
  • Battling women, with sword, pen and guile
CHAPTER THREE – Places with strange tales to tell: A bridge, a garden, an abbey…
  • The four red hands of Homersfield
  • Two towers which caused a towering row
  • How Oulton acquired its chapel
  • The hatters, the hermit and Mr Pennoyer
  • The rector who moved Edgefield church
  • Jacob and Billy, the images on the Image Barn
  • A pub with a Bible in the bar
  • High drama at Binham Priory
  • The legacies of two eccentric Victorians
CHAPTER FOUR – Legends and traditions: Some are just memories, others still live on
  • England’s only Episcopal wherry
  • ‘Religious, grave and discreet’
  • Pub games – an endangered species?
  • The many fresh starts of the Lynn Mart
  • The art of taking a knap
  • When the saints come marching in
  • The original Jack the giantkiller?
  • How the salesman’s cross saved Bromholm
  • Tie another legend round the old oak tree
  • Weird wells – with a body thrown in
  • The many legends of King Edmund


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