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The Handbook of Management Fads

An insightful and amusing book about management fads – past and present.


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Management is an essential aspect of modern working life, but it can sometimes be taken rather too seriously by commentators and business analysts. For many people this is an unfortunate tendency and for them Steve Morris has written a wise but humorous book about management fads – past and present.


  1. What’s your affliction?
  2. An anatomy of fiddle-faddles
  3. Fiddling with environments
  4. Fiddling with processes
  5. Fiddling with people
  6. Stop the world
  7. Glossary of gurus and management thinkers



Steve Morris

Steve Morris runs his own company providing management consultancy services specialising in publishing, training and development. He has worked extensively in the UK and abroad with blue-chip companies including Visa International, TSB, Lloyds, 3M and Shell International. He has a special interest in management and has written extensively on management related issues.

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