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Strategic Planning in Public Relations

This essential Report provides an introduction to the 'new' topic of strategic planning in public relations. The aim is to provide you with valuable tips and techniques to improve your PR and campaign planning.



Strategic planning is a fresh approach to PR; an approach that is fact-based and scientific, and that clearly presents the arguments for a campaign proposal backed with evidence.

This Report represents a timely guide to strategic planning in public relations, providing valuable tips and techniques to improve PR and campaign planning, whether you’re an experienced PR practitioner or new to the industry.

Strategic Planning in Public Relations has particular resonance for the experienced public relations professional. The advice and guidance given, and processes examined, will provide a different perspective on your job, and will significantly change and enhance the way you develop and implement a PR programme.


1. What is strategic planning and why do we need it?
2. The strategic planning process
3. Getting out what you put in
4. Understanding your audience
5. Ensuring creativity lives up to the planning promise
6. Measurement and evaluation as a planning tool
7. Media planning
8. The pleasure of planning
9. Appendix: useful telephone numbers and website addresses

The author

Kieran Knights is a successful consultant specialising in strategic planning for public relations. Until 2001 he was Planning Director at Shandwick International, a position he had held since 1996. In a career stretching back more than 20 years he gained experience in various PR roles, including Editorial Director of Bryant Jackson & Associates. He also speaks on strategic planning at conferences and seminars around the UK.

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