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Selling Skills for Professionals

This essential Report has been compiled to guide professionals through the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for effective selling.



There are over 80,000 solicitors, 200,000 accountants, 90,000 surveyors and goodness knows how many consultants of various descriptions in the UK. Yet there is little research into how they sell.

This Report sets out to convince professionals that they don’t need to do anything distasteful or dishonourable in order to win business. It guides readers through the knowledge and skills required, ultimately showing that – once you have found a style and the tools that suit your personality – selling can be as interesting, satisfying and as important as any other aspect of your professional life.

Selling Skills for Professionals offers a synthesis of the concepts and ideas pertinent to selling amongst professionals. It also works as a resource for those in professional companies who are tasked with providing the necessary training, coaching and sales support in selling.

Selling Skills for Professionals answers your key questions, including:

  • Do all professionals feel as negatively about selling as I do?
  • How do I develop more confidence in selling?
  • Why is selling in the professions different?
  • What is the difference between marketing and selling?
  • All sales calls end with the problem that our services are more expensive than our competitors, what can I do?
  • I find it very hard to do the social chatting thing – what can I do?


1. Introduction
2. Research results
3. What is selling?
4. Adopting the buyer’s point of view: An introduction to buyer behaviour and relevant psychology
5. Selling frameworks and models
6. Selling skills
7. Competitive tendering
8. Account management
9. Company-wide issues on selling

The author

Kim Tasso BA (Hons) DipM MCIM MIDM MCIJ MBA, is an independent consultant, specialising in the professional services sector, with over 20 years’ marketing experience. She was the first Director of Marketing at leading law firm Nabarro Nathanson and the first Marketing Manager at Deloitte Consulting. Prior to that she was employed in the information technology sector by Honeywell Bull, Logica and Comshare in a variety of sales and marketing roles. Her clients include The Law Society, Olswang, Weatherall Green & Smith and Osborne Clarke.

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