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Companies Don't Succeed - People Do!

Positive, provoking and profit-driven, here are over 100 ideas to challenge your preconceptions and to help you build your business to be stronger, fitter and quicker.


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Graham Roberts-Phelps is an international specialist consultant in business and personal development who shares his insights and ideas with thousands of people and organisations every year.

“The purpose of a business is to find and keep customers – everything else is mere detail”


  1. If it ain’t broke, try breaking it
  2. Close the customer service department
  3. However many memos you send it’s too many
  4. Where you can stick your stick
  5. Every sales call is a free market research opportunity
  6. The customer is not always right
  7. Play banjo everyday
  8. Assume you have absolute responsibility
  9. Love is… cuddling your clients
  10. Be passionate in business
  11. Details don’t make deals
  12. Get a life

The author

Graham Roberts-Phelps is a Director of 80/20 Training Ltd and a successful consultant, speaker and author, who specialises in business and personal development. His books include Working Smarter and Telephone Tactics, both published by Thorogood.

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Paperback ISBN-10: 1 85418 109 2
ISBN-13: 978 185418109 1
Pages: 200
GBP 14.99
EUR 17.99
USD 29.00
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