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The Insider's Guide to High Performance Presentations

Geoff Marsh is a master of presentation skills. In this book he gives the reader the knowledge and techniques needed to engage with audiences and deliver inspirational presentations in all situations.


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Traditionally, presentations have been made with the presenter and the audience in the same physical location. However, the global covid pandemic which emerged in 2020 meant a dramatic acceleration in the move to virtual presentations.

Although the medium might be different, the same skills and techniques should be used to facilitate interactive conversations and discussions, to connect with the audience and to convey your message. These rules apply whether delivering a presentation, conducting a training course or chairing and moderating a meeting.

It’s imperative to keep your audience’s attention, to engage with them, while informing and inspiring them, so both you and they enjoy the experience.

This book will cover both face-to-face and virtual presentation skills and will address areas such as:

  • How to prepare and construct a presentation
  • How to create visual supports to enhance the message
  • How to control mannerisms and nerves
  • How to speak with clarity, volume and pace
  • How to build a connection with the audience
  • How to involve the audience through asking and answering questions
  • How to deliver a virtual presentation in an engaging and interactive manner
  • How to use the camera and other tools
  • Hints and tips in terms of dealing with technical issues

This book covers all these essential areas, plus some relatively new developments in the field of presentation skills, so you’re fully equipped to succeed in all scenarios.

Table of contents

Part one: Generic and face-to-face presentation skills

  1. Do I have to make a presentation?                                  
  2. Building your presentation                                                 
  3. Writing your presentation                                                  
  4. Presentation supports                                                        
  5. Rehearse                                                                              
  6. Know your presentation environment                              
  7. Delivering your presentation                                             
  8. Mannerisms and nerves                                                    
  9. Into the unknown                                                                
  10. Asking questions                                                                 
  11. Answering questions                                                          
  12. Dealing with difficult audience members                       

Part two: Presenting virtually

  1. Introduction
  2. The essentials
  3. Which platform will you use?
  4. Which features will you use?
  5. Keeping it interactive
  6. Becoming a TV presenter
  7. How to present to camera
  8. Online training
  9. Chairing and facilitating online meetings
  10. Hybrid presentations


‘I have worked with Geoff and observed him in action for over 3 decades. His ability to connect with an audience is truly remarkable. He can take a dry subject and bring it to life. He can take a reluctant audience and inspire them to laugh, engage and enjoy his presentations. The techniques he uses can be learned by everybody. Whether your presentations will be delivered face-to-face or on a virtual platform, Geoff’s tips and tricks will be invaluable. Quite simply, Geoff is the best.’

Don Porter CBE, Joint Managing Director MSB


‘Geoff’s ability to project his personality through the screen during virtual presentations is inspiring. He has always been one of our most popular face-to-face presenters. When we moved to virtual presentations, he demonstrated with ease how to engage the audience, encourage interactivity and still ensure audience members enjoy the experience. The feedback he receives for his presentations is consistently outstanding. In this book he shares his secrets and I know they will be welcomed by presenters everywhere.’

Madlen Strobel, Head of Learning & Development, Bosch UK and Ireland


‘Most of us find presentations challenging. The move to online presentations even more so. Geoff manages to achieve amazing results whether he is standing in front of an audience or speaking to them on a webinar. Over the years my clients have been lucky to have had a lot of personal coaching from Geoff in this area. I cannot recommend enough the techniques in this book. Anyone who makes any kind of presentation will benefit from Geoff’s accumulated tips from a lifetime in front of audiences’

SANDY LODER, Chief Executive, AH Loder Advisers


‘I have worked with Geoff for over 20 years and he has been instrumental in my own development as well as that of many colleagues and team members. Geoff is charismatic and insightful, he is very engaging and entertaining, He leaves a lasting memorable impression on his audience.  This book describes the techniques he uses to achieve the incredible results he gets.’

Karon Campbell, Learning & Development Manager, Human Resources, Viapath – An NHS partnership with SYNLAB

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Geoff for many years and watched him give a number of presentations to clients and colleagues. Geoff has an incredible skill of being able to capture and maintain the audiences attention with his engaging, refreshing and entertaining content and style. Having personally benefitted from his presentation skills coaching I can testify that his techniques worked for me I believe they would enhance any presentation.’

Stuart May, Associate Director, Coutts Family Office

‘Having worked with Geoff on many occasions, it has been fascinating to observe his skill in taking a disparate group of individuals and bringing them together as an audience. In this book he shares his techniques for engaging your audience, managing nerves, dealing with difficult questions and so much more. Geoff makes presenting look effortless and, as you read the book, you learn that it is a craft in which everyone can become an expert. Whether you are new to presenting or experienced, this book offers valuable tools for presentations of any kind.’

Maya Prabhu, Senior Executive, Private Banking Industry

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