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Commercial Law

Commercial agreements and contracts provide the foundation for businesses to operate and are fundamental to the success of a business. Without carefully constructed agreements, disputes and litigation are more likely. Whether you are looking to improve your legal drafting skills or simply keep abreast of the latest developments in international business law and best-practice, Thorogood offers a wide-range of commercial law courses for the in-house lawyer that are presented both as public and in-house training courses, in order to fulfil all your (and your department’s) training needs.

This briefing takes into account relevant legislation and case law. For all points of the law and critical distinctions, you will find crystal-clear explanations and guidelines, and a host of case studies illustrating the law and its application.

This valuable report has been completely updated since it first appeared in 2002: it includes accounts of all the most recent important cases and highlights significant changes in the way that the courts now assess damages.

IT Contracts

Download (PDF)

£29.00 / €41.00

This report provides advice and guidance in explaining and understanding the structure and content of different kinds of IT contracts, for reviewing, negotiating and drafting purposes

This report captures the vital elements of effective legal department management and provides a guide to the busy in-house practitioner, who needs to balance caseload with the pressures of managing a department.

Mediation: a practical guide


Also available as: Download (PDF)


A practical guide to taking part in mediation, for the use of lawyers, accountants, surveyors and other professionals who take in part in mediating disputes, but also of value for individuals who are taking part in mediation.

Retention of Title

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£29.00 / €41.00

This Briefing seeks to scotch that popular myth and ensure you, the reader, are put in a position where you can recover goods in such a situation by judicious use of a well drafted “retention of title clause” and ensuring your terms and conditions apply and form part of the contract between the parties.