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The Freedom of Information Act gives companies and individuals important powers to request information from public bodies. Are you equipped to take advantage and to protect yourself?

Managing Corporate Reputation


Also available as: Download (PDF)

£49.00 / €69.00

It's not surprising that reputation has moved to the centre of strategic thinking. But how many companies know how to manage or measure it - let alone have a reputation strategy? Far too few.
Now this expert, readable and practical report puts that right.

This essential Report has been compiled to guide professionals through the fundamental knowledge and skills needed for effective selling.

Strategic Customer Planning

Download (PDF)

Also available as: Report

£29.00 / €41.00

Learn from an expert and discover the keys to developing and implementing a strategic account plan. Master the crucial steps of key account planning, the keys to analysing customer relationships and the special techniques of bonding mechanisms.

This essential Report provides an introduction to the 'new' topic of strategic planning in public relations. The aim is to provide you with valuable tips and techniques to improve your PR and campaign planning.

The aim of this Report is to help you become more skillful and more successful in your tendering.

Is your company/client website legal? This report deals with all the practical legal issues which arise with websites - both those sites which sell goods or services and those which advertise.