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Explores the impact and significance of e-business as illustrated by the work and thinking of key players in the field. An accessible guide and ideal introduction for business people who are looking to make optimal and profitable use of e-business.

_'A more than useful book to help cope with the overwhelming impact of the e-world.'_
*Business Executive*

£16.99 / €20.99 / $27.95

All the skills and techniques you need to stay one step ahead: the book provides a clear framework for effective negotiation and shows you how to develop your negotiating skills to achieve the best possible results and profitable agreements that stick.

Accessible, practical guidance and techniques for negotiating, including useful skills for the negotiator, dealing with 'people issues' and negotiation in practice.

Practical Pricing for Results


Also available as: Paperback


Provides entrepreneurs with a practical guide on how to set and manage the pricing of both products and services. It outlines the process of deriving a pricing strategy first, then monitoring the profit implications of the pricing decisions made. In a climate of market instability, the skilful use of pricing strategies has never been more important.

Successful Selling Solutions


Also available as: Hardback

£14.99 / €17.99 / $24.95

This book goes beyond mere sales techniques: using self-assessment models, it shows you how to monitor your progress in an actual sales project against where you need to be and includes templates, tables and exercises.

The Commercial Manager


Also available as: Ring-bound


This book fills an important gap with expert, practical advice.
“His experience in the cut and thrust of business has given him great understanding and balance.” John Craen, previously MD, ITT Defence

The Mobile Boardroom


Also available as: eBook


The Mobile Boardroom covers the challenges business owners and directors will face when they involved in Buying, Growing or Selling a company. Top tips on all aspects of the business cycle will take you through everything you need to know.

£65.00 / €78.99

This empowering work by Eddie Davies for Project Managers’ conveys a ‘checklist’ approach to indicate the essential qualities and attributes needed in order to achieve project managerial success.

£65.00 / €78.99

A comprehensive guide to the techniques of developing new business, by a professional with extensive experience of both Europe and the USA.

A complete guide to working for yourself which includes running a business, starting a company or being self-employed.

World Business Cultures - A Handbook


Also available as: Paperback


This book provides a framework for understanding any culture in the world, offering strategies and tactics for getting people from different countries on your side, and detailing the knowledge you need to make the right impression and avoid giving offence.