This book explains how to start or buy, then develop and sell, a business in order to realise capital and personal wealth.

Company Articles and Company Constitution

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Also available as: Report

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Understand your Company articles and Company constitution. This Report is written in an easy-to-understand style and provides an in-depth appreciation of such things as all the model articles, the default provision, the resolutions that may be part of the constitution...

A miscellany of the best [or worst!] examples of consumption, corruption, vanity, waste and just mind-boggling stupidity drawn from Money Week's Bottom Line.

Navigating the Rivers of Cash


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Navigating the Rivers of Cash is a practical business book in which the author seeks to inspire ambitious business leaders and entrepreneurs to create and build exceptional businesses with a sustainable purpose in society.

Odd Words, Even Numbers


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A first in the examination of the interrelationship between words and numbers, through mathematical games and diversions, word and mathematical puzzles, and popular mathematical concepts

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An expert guide written in plain English on everything you need to know about using the legal system to recover debts - quickly, efficiently and with no complications.

The Complete Guide to International Financial Reporting Standards

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The 3rd edition of this essential book gives a clear explanation of the principles of International Financial Reporting Standards and the accounting and disclosure requirements, and provides a clarification of practical problems of compliance.


This book deals with the latest requirements, and the new requirements regarding Registers of Persons of Significant Control.

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Far too many pension trustees - even in large funds - have an inadequate understanding of investment and financial markets. This book - tailored specifically for pension fund trustees - fills an important knowledge gap.

Trade Secrets of Business Acquisitions


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In this invaluable new Briefing one of the City's most successful deal-makers distils 40 years' experience as both principal and advisor.

Trade Secrets of Business Disposals


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If you're like most people, you'll only get one chance to sell your business and to capitalise on years of hard work and planning. You can either fluff it, or make sure you get the best possible advisor and become financially secure for life, and possibly very rich. This report shows you how to make your business 'investor-ready' for maximum capital return.